mother's uncle

jackie lee audion was my mother's uncle
she'd say jack is my favorite kin
that made me nephew to a spirit of freedom
that abides in very few men
his visits were rare and he never stayed long
he played his harmonica and he taught me his song
he'd sing: wait on me jesus, i wont be long.
wait on me jesus i'm coming home
this world is perfect, lord, it's just like you planned

what were you thinking when you included man
your rule is golden yet its so misconstrued
hatred is sacred when men make the rules
sometimes uncle jack'd help me feed the chickens,
maybe milk the cow
but more'n likely he'd be tillin' souls along glory road
he be sermon slingin', he be gospel plowing, he be singing


ernie payne: lead vocals, guitar
rob zucca: electric guitar