family relations

mama loves baby and that love is sublime
daddy loves mama like it's a waste of his time
so the family relations corrode and decay
and the last leaves of autumn have fallen
and winter's heard hard straight this way
daddy's just a half‑stepper, no follow‑through
and that's the same goddamned drummer
his daddy marched to
so, god bless the mama and god bless her tribe
no matter how harsh the season
baby gets nourished and thrives
daddy don't go, she said, we need you here
daddy don't go, she said, its cold out there
some men are triflin', right down to the bone
some men set deep roots and never leave home
somewhere out yonder a train whistle moans
and mama and baby sit waitin'
at home, together, alone


joe romersa: drums
mark tabbert: bass
rob zucca: electric guitar, lap steel
ernie payne: guitar, lead vocals