curse of hamm

feed 'em garbage
just enough to do the work
give 'em answers in a foreign tongue
they are different and we are better you and i
and we should use them
take advantage
that is the way it's always been
keepin' the prize in their eyes
take their women they are loyal they are true
and they're full of spirit
you should hear them sing in the evening
when the work in the fields is done
o‑o, they're a comfort take your pleasure
we can free them but what is the point
in that they cannot reason
its the curse of hamm so let >em suffer
let 'em toil and sweat and strain
its only natural it is the way god planned it
and as god planned it,
i suckled at her breast and i learned the wisdom
in her ancient song she is righteous she is mother
and she sang about a god whose plan
included even this world gone wrong
that's the way it's always been
keeping the prize in their eyes


joe romersa: drums
mark tabbert: bass
rob zucca: backing vocals, electric guitar
ernie payne: lead vocals, guitar