coercion street

i was born on coercion street
rocks and bottles and fists and feet
ruled the path i daily climbed
all up‑hill, all of the time
my folks were poor folks who did all they could
to stand on that righteous rock where moses stood
and i memorized every word
but noise is all i think i heard
barstool, church pew, a handshake, a clenched fist
i made my choices aware of the risk
street muscle, blues shuffle
honed into skills
came in real handy climbing that hill
and each step shortened that climb
'til i found the voice that was mine
each man is shaped by his deeds
i survived coercion street


rob zucca: backing vocals, dobro, guitar, mandolin
joe romersa: drums
ernie payne: lead vocals, dulcimer
mark tabbert: bass