ancient eyes

she's got ancient eyes
old as asia
i'm ashamed as i confess transgressions
and it don't even phase her
she lets me come around there on sundays
after the church folks get released
i bring along my short dog and my bible
we knock it back and we pray for peace
if our eyes are soul windows, libby says,
that light behind them must be the truth.
cause when we shut the blinds, its so hard to find
who is me, who is you?
you can walk, you can crawl
it don't make any bit of difference
on your feet or on your knees
it's exactly the same distance
i'm looking at the lovers and the others
and the losers and abusers and the fools
i used to count myself among them
'til I attended ms brady's sunday school
peace be with you, elizabeth brady
peace like the kindnesses that i received
on those sittin', sippin' sundays
'neath the shade of your wisdom tree


mark tabbert: bass
rob zucca: guitar
ernie payne: guitar, lead vocals
joe romersa: drums