nothing wrong with texas (that leaving won't fix)

suzanne is worried about the weather
cloudy day, rainy night in houston
i say she's getting worked up over nothing
she don't care, she's eighteen and she's texan
suzy is not used to complications
live and let live is her credo
it's past time she changed her situation
hear tell it didn'it rain out on the west coast
nothing wrong with texas that leaving won't fix
she's tired of these cowboys and their rodeo tricks
the next thing smoking won't leave until noon
can't get out of texas too soon
suzanne ignores the tears she's crying
no fault, no foul, no blame
she dries her eyes and its concluded
best be gone than stay and curse the rain
he reads and he sighs no problema.
he's amazing in his nonchalance
yeah, but suzy is catching rays in santa barbara
and it feels too good to not be what she wants


rob zucca: bass, electric guitar
joe romersa: drums
ernie payne: lead vocals, guitar